The Bioregional Collective Trust is a registered agent for Cascadia Flag copyright holder Alexander Baretich and holds a Collective Membership Mark to ensure the symbol remains open and available for the Cascadia Movement; stands for its values and a certain standard of quality for participating members; and that is not misused or appropriated in any way.

Cascadia Commons License:

For educational, personal, non-commercial & small business use

Any person, organization or group who would like to use the Cascadia Flag for personal, non-commercial, or educational uses is welcome to do so as long as they get permission from the Flag Creator Alexander Baretich by signing up for a Cascadia Commons license and joining us as a member of the Cascadia Movement collective & Bioregional Collective Trust.

This process is free of charge, and when you join, you will be provided with high quality digital assets you are welcome to use.

In addition, businesses smaller than 9 employees, that gross less than $100,000 and make less than $10,000 per year of sales related to the Cascadia flag are welcome to use a Cascadia Commons License for commercial purposes, as long as they agree to uphold our standards of quality. By using a Cascadia Commons license or for any organizational or commercial activity, individuals and groups agree to uphold our Quality Standards, or request a specific exemption which will be approved on a case by case basis.

Register for a Cascadia Commons License Here

Cascadia Commercial License

For businesses larger than 9 employees, gross more than $100,000 or make more than $10,000 per year of sales related to the Cascadia flag

For-profit businesses larger than 9 employees, gross more than $100,000 in sales per year, or make more than $10,000 per year of sales related to the Cascadia flag are required to receive a Cascadia Commercial License from the Bioregional Collective Trust. The application fee for a Cascadia Commercial License is $100, and licensee agrees to a yearly license fee, and quarterly royalty fee of 10% of Cascadia Flag related sales.

Fee’s and Royalties from Cascadia Flag sales help support Cascadia Flag Creator Alexander Baretich.

By using a Cascadia Commercial license or for any organizational or commercial activity, individuals and groups agree to uphold our Quality Standards, or request a specific exemption which will be approved on a case by case basis.

Register for a Cascadia Commons License Here

Using a Cascadia Commons or Cascadia Commercial License means registering for our online membership portal, and agreeing an agreement (contract) with the Cascadia Flag owner(s) in which the licensee (vendor) agrees to comply with various provisions.

Once approved, businesses are welcome to share their information on our Cascadia directory of approved members.

Main License Agreements:

The following is a summary highlighting the main provisions contained within the License Agreement for each of our Licensees:


The Bioregional Collective Trust grants non-exclusive licenses for the use of the Cascadia Flag.

Ambassadors of the Cascadia Flag and Cascadia Movement

By adopting, using or selling the Cascadia flag, you are agreeing to become a member of our Bioregional Collective Trust, being an ambassador for our Cascadia Flag and the ideas, upholding the standards of quality we set out, and representing the values and principles of the Cascadia Movement to the outside world. By using the flag in any way you agree to uphold the values and principles of the Cascadia Movement as outlined on this page. The Cascadia Movement is a collective organization of groups, organization, causes, individuals and business members who have taken the same pledge and are working to better our bioregion and planet.

The name, logos, emblems, nicknames, symbols, and other identifiable marks of the Bioregional Collective Trust are held as a Collective Membership Mark and are legally recognized intellectual property protected by United States trademark laws.

There is no cost or application fee to use the flag for personal use, non-profit, non-commercial or educational use, or for businesses with less than 9 employees or that make less than $100,000 a year.

Quality Standards

A person or group using the flag for commercial purposes must work to uphold the values set out by the Cascadia Movement, the flag creator Alexander Baretich and the Bioregional Collective Trust. This including trying to source the materials in a local, ethical and sustainable way.

Products created not by the person themselves, outside of the bioregion, created by workers making less than a living wage, or that use materials that can be damaging or toxic for the environment or communities creating them must receive explicit permission as part of the application process. In addition, individuals, groups and businesses may not sell the Cascadia flag as a third party seller on platforms that the Bioregional Collective Trust deem to be outside of the principles set out here within or listed above, including,,,, or other platforms that use exploitative or harmful labor practices as deemed by us, the Bioregional Collective Trust. Selling on Etsy is fine. The Bioregional Collective Trust may update or change this list at any time, and may ask sellers to cease selling immediately on such platforms if they are found to violate these terms. If there are any questions about quality standards, sellers must provide a representative sample of the product(s) proposed to be sold upon request by the Bioregional Collective Trust or Department of Bioregion. Samples are to be sent to Department of Bioregion at the address below.

Use of the Cascadia Flag

The Cascadia Flag is a protected symbol of the Cascadia Movement. It is intended to promote our collective and the shared values of our organization and the philosophy of Bioregionalism. It may not be used, in any way shape or form, for:

  • Political parties, organizations, causes, individuals or groups that promote Nationalism.
  • Hate speech, symbols, or any perceived use related to racism, xenophobia, ableism, gender, sexual identity or preference or any discrimination of a person or people due to a protected category or belief system.
  • Religious Symbols or religious organization logos
  • To promote ideas or policies which may be determined to be harmful to the Cascadia bioregion, it’s inhabitants or the planet.
  • To promote ideas or policies that are not bioregional in nature, or that may damage the reputation of the Cascadia Flag, Bioregional Collective Trust, Cascadia Movement or Bioregional Collective Trust.

Ultimately, the Bioregional Collective Trust sets the definitions for what we may find damaging to the Cascadia flag or its use, and may change these definitions at any time.


Any Licensee using a Cascadia Commercial License must report sales and pay royalties on a quarterly basis (within thirty (30) days of September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30).


One year agreement, automatically renewing each year unless terminated by either party.


The Bioregional Collective Trust can terminate upon written notice if licensee fails to observe the terms of the agreement.


Any Licensee using the Cascadia Flag beyond personal non-commercial or educational use must maintain a $1 million comprehensive general and product liability insurance policy naming members of the “Bioregional Collective Trust” as additional insured.

Prior to executing any agreement, the licensee should read it carefully as the above outlines only major terms under the agreement.