The Cascadia Doug flag is a symbol for the natural beauty and inspiration that the Pacific Northwest provides, and is a direct representation of the bioregion.

Designed in 1994 by Portland native Alexander Baretich, the blue of the flag represents the moisture-rich sky above, and the Pacific Ocean, along with the Salish Sea, lakes, and inland waters. Our home is a place of continuous cascading waters flowing from the Pacific to the western slopes of the Rockies and Cascades where water cycles back to the Pacific. The white represents snow and clouds, and the green represents the evergreen forests and fields of the Pacific Northwest. The lone-standing Douglas Fir symbolizes endurance, defiance, and resilience. All these symbols come together to symbolize what being Cascadian is all about.

“The Cascadia flag conveys something more tangible than an abstract concept of demarcation of space. It is not a flag of blood nor of the glory of a nation, but a love of the bioregion; our ecological family, natural boundaries & the place in which we live & love.”

– Alexander Baretich

A Bioregional Symbol

The Cascadia Flag represents the value of bioregionalism, and building healthy, bioregional movements and communities. It is not a flag of nationalism, or division or exclusion, but rather, one of thousands, of the different communities, ecoregions and watersheds that make up our movement and organization.

We hope that as a bioregional symbol, every community, ecoregion, watershed, business and cause will adopt and adapt the Doug Flag to their own purposes in line with these bioregional values. By using the Doug Flag, and the green white and blue, we show a shared regional identity, and that we share common beliefs, dreams and principles. The Cascadia Doug flag is also a symbol against hate. The Cascadia movement works to partner with and create a safe space for frontline and traditionally marginalized communities and voices. We reject all forms of hate, prejudice, and believe in an inclusive movement, that shows the beauty of this region, it’speople and our incredible diversity.

We reject racism, hate, fear, sexism, white supremacy, or any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs or choices, and these stances are reflected at every level. We look forward to building a coalition movement that empowers every person and community, and provides space for indigenous, POC, and traditionally marginalized communities, and of course the millions of amazing Cascadians who live here, to advocate with their own voices, find solidarity and support, and break down boundaries which are harmful and negative.

Use the Flag

The Cascadia Doug Flag is a symbol that represents the Cascadia Movement and our bioregion. It is a grassroots, and people powered brand for every person interested in protecting our bioregion, improving our livelihood, and helping make the world a better place.

The Cascadia Movement is a collective of organizations, movements, causes, businesses and individuals who work around our shared principles. Anyone may join our collective if they agree with our shared principles and values. We encourage every community, business, organization and individual to use the flag, share the idea, as long as they read and agree to the terms of use set out in our Cascadia Commons License. An individual, organization or business must agree to the Cascadia Commons License to use the flag.

The Bioregional Collective Trust, a project of the Department of Bioregion works closely with copyright holder Alexander Baretich and maintains a Collective Membership Mark to steward the symbol for the Cascadia Movement, ensure that it is not exploited or misused, and will continue to stand for the values of bioregionalism, and that we set forth here on this page for generations to come.

We are Cascadian, and together, we are the Cascadia Movement.