Thank you for your interest in using the Cascadian bioregional flag! The Cascadian bioregional flag is free to use for personal, noncommercial and educational use. Just please attribute. 

If you are a business and would like to signup for access to our wholesale store, you can do so here:

 Store Directory / Wholesale Access FREE SIGN UP

If you would like to license the flag for commercial use for either a design or product, you can sign up here.

There is a non-refundable fee of $75 retail businesses (LLC, and Corporations), $20 for sole proprietors, and a free registration for nonprofit organizations, causes our informal groups.

Upon approval, you will be able to register products or designs. If approved, we will draft a 1 year commercial use agreement, which will automatically renew each year, unless otherwise changed or cancelled by the registrant or licensor. For products using the Cascadian flag there is a 10% royalty charge use for profit businesses, 5% royalty for nonprofit organizations or causes. 

Retail – For Profit Business (LLC, Corporation) $75 SIGN UP
Retail – For Profit Business (Sole Proprietor, Cooperative) $20 SIGN UP
Nonprofit / Cause FREE SIGN UP
Manufacturer $75 SIGN UP